My Most Powerful Self (My MPS)

I discovered on the journey to getting my book finished, published, and in front of millions around the globe that there was a part of me that was committed to making things happen. That part of me was not someone I knew well. I was first inspired to write the book in 2003 and at that time I was comfortable and reasonably content. I had a great marriage and a home I loved and considered my sanctuary. I was in good health. I had a successful small business doing work I enjoyed. I had great friendships and a meaningful spiritual life. I had achieved some things of which I was quite proud. However, I had a lingering feeling of unrest within me that never went away. I felt like I was settling for less.

So I started working on my book, The Global Red Circle – Standing In Truth, Unleashing Our Most Powerful Selves, and over ten years quit and restarted over and over again. Every time I faced something I thought was out of my comfort zone I found ways to procrastinate or sabotage my efforts. The story I told myself and others, “I am TRYING to get the book done.” After hearing myself say that one time too many, I stopped saying it. The next step I took was finding a business support group filled with people that were living at a level to which I aspired. In May 2013 one day one of them asked me, “Kim, when will your book be done?” and I babbled a response that made me cringe when I thought about it later. I vowed that afternoon I would never make excuses about my life again. By the time my group met one month later I had finished the book.

That month I learned there was a part of me that was sick and tired of playing small. That part of me started to show up when I needed to make choices I had not been willing to make in the past, such as working on the book on a Saturday when I would have preferred to watch movies. “She” is the one that always showed up to do the things my “play-it-small-and-safe” self dared not try.

Next I began to notice “she” had certain values, principles, and ways of being and expressing herself. I had a strong work ethic. “Hers” was even stronger. I had a dream. “She” was on a mission. I let my fears overwhelm me. “She” was bold and walked through her fears. Then I named her the Global Red Circle Woman and suddenly what I had to do or express in any given moment became crystal clear. I simply asked myself what the Global Red Circle Woman would do. I had created an avatar!

Then I noticed after calling “her” to me over and over again that I no longer saw her as separate from me. I was the Global Red Circle Woman. My avatar and I had become one. It took about a year but envisioning and purposely expressing “her” has enabled me to unfold into my power exponentially. The biggest surprise in all of this? I started to assert that deeply grounded power in all areas of my life. I no longer live from a place of fear. I am happy and fulfilled.

There are two questions I asked myself that made all the difference:

  1. Am I living my life to the fullest?
  2. If I do not give my absolute best, will I be able to live with myself?

The answer to both was “no.”

So I ask you, my friend, “Are you living your life to the fullest? Are you ready to start creating your MPS Avatar?

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