Origins of Global Red Circle

Why this name? First, “global” was the Creator’s idea, and if I am to truly fulfill this mission, I must fulfill it on a global scale as the Creator ordained.

Second, I wanted a title that unites all women. We are not all ultra girly, feminine, lovers of pink, or any other stereotypical vision. Womanhood encompasses a vast array of expressions, each uniquely beautiful and authentic, but one thing that unites us is our essential ability to give birth.

Traditionally, in tribal communities, women were banished during menses to a place that was strictly women only. Sometimes it was because menstruating women were considered impure; sometimes it was because they were considered sacred. Since women living close together menstruate at about the same time, this space was filled with women. Hence, “red” is symbolic of our inherent femaleness and separateness from men.

Finally, my decision to include “circle” in the book’s title was more intuitive. I thought of pioneers circling the wagons for safety as they traveled across the plains of the United States through unknown territory. I thought of tribes assembling in circles around fires. Circles are an original communal form, and indigenous peoples all over the globe still gather in them.

Author Christina Baldwin in Calling the Circle, The First and Future Culture says, “We came into circle because the fire led us there. Struggling to keep warm, struggling to keep safe, it made sense to put fire in the center. A circle allowed space for each person to face the flame, and as a member of a fire circle, we each could claim a place of warmth and a piece of food. Out of the instinctive taking of place, community developed.”

All members of a circle can be seen and are equal in status. No one is placed above or in front of another, and members can be added without losing the original form. In a circle, energy is focused inward rather than scattered outward.

This is the real stuff of life, Sisters! Never fear that still small voice you hear in your heart of hearts. It leads to a world of wonderful experiences. It brings you out of the abyss of despair and into clarity, joy, and a sense of gratitude so overwhelming, it is humbling. That process of seeking peace in the midst of your own broken pieces and finding the faith to refuel your life, relationships, and self-respect is what this book is all about.

Most of the letters in this book contain stories that have never before been told. They have been kept close, tamped down, shielded from the light of day. At my request, the authors have opened their hearts, bared their souls, and now stand in their truth – for themselves and for you.